Romantic travel is more than just traveling to see new places. It is about bringing back some past times, reliving some memories, healing, bonding and deepening commitments. Visit these alluring romantic places India treasures with and rediscover the joy of simply snuggling up to each other. 


Purulia in West Bengal is a breathtakingly beautiful region that boasts of soft green rolling hills, sparkling rivers and streams, gushing waterfalls, magnificent and brightly colored flowers and birds and wide variety of wildlife. It’s the idea breakaway from the chaos of city life that has potentially eaten in to personal and intimate moments. Enjoy the beauteous landscapes through trekking or a leisurely hand in hand walk through the pristine and innocent villages. The forests of Ayodhya and Matha offer magnificent lush greenery and the relaxing call of nature’s residents.  The dams of Panchet, Murguma and Futiari offer a serene and peaceful ambience. 


 Situated near Mahabalipuram, Covelong is the all about the gushing of the waves and the sun soaked beaches. The sun bestows its brilliance and magically transforms the white waters of the ocean to a large expanse of golden streaks. The grains of sand glisten like tiny stars that are dotted with various hues from the sea-shells washed in by the waters. The aura of the place is breathtaking, and is mystically cheerful and energizing while bestowing peace and tranquility.  Palm trees sway in the gentle ocean breeze and stand tall like sentinels along the beach. Enjoy the sun, sand and water with your special someone and smile as one of the ‘stars’ glistens and seems to wink at you. 


Romance each other in the scenic locales of Malshejghat, Maharashtra which is a lesser known and lesser traveled destination. No crowds, peaceful ambiance and a canopy of lush greenery – the perfect setting for a romantic break. The steep cliffs, hills and the excitedly gushing waterfalls make this place and ideal destination any time of the year. However, August and September are the ideal months to visit. These are the monsoon months where not only can you romance the rain but also get the once in a lifetime opportunity to see hordes of the pink long legged beauties – Flamingos. They migrate to this part of the country and it is exhilarating to be able to feed these awe-inspiring beautiful creatures. Soothing hills, mist covered hills, cool wafts of moisture laden winds and the emerald expanses – does it get any more romantic than this?


The mystical and dream like region of Tawang is sure to make your romantic holiday last for more than the few days that you are actually there. Visitors describe it as a paradise on earth that is unfazed, undisturbed and not affected by the ravages of the ‘outside’ world. It is a happy peaceful place – even the air is light and wispy and resonates with the tranquil chants by the Buddhist monks. The Tawang Monastery is a must visit – the atmosphere of the place is so placid it allows one to breathe easy and actually feel the presence of the other – it’s a divine feeling.  The lakes and waterfalls in the region conjoined with green landscapes make the relaxation wholesome.  

Agatti Island

Count the number of blue hues as you romance each other – the sky is light cerulean, the ocean is a mix of azure, aqua and cyan.  The skies seem to be streaked by a magical hand with wispy white clouds and the endless beach is sprayed with silver dust.  Agatti Island, Lakshadweep is a tranquil hideout that remains blessedly unscathed and pristine.  Stringing words together to describe the beauty and hushed calm of this island seems rather difficulty.  Simply put it’s a region that remains fresh like dew-kissed bud, just waiting to bloom and spread its ethereal beauty.  Fall in love with each other once again on this pristine island and make memories that will linger on and on.

Take a romantic break and recharge your life by pushing aside the fatigue and chaos of everyday life. This break is yours – you deserve it.