Ranbanka Palace

You would all agree to the fact that we envy the royal lives that the kings and queens of old times used to enjoy; well Jodhpur is just the place to treat this desire. Our daily city lives do not let us relax and enjoy the passing of time, an exotic vacation is what all of us deserve where we can just pamper ourselves. One such magnificent place is the Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur. This particular hotel has been transformed from a Palace, which captures the established colonial influences of its era.

Ranbanka Palace Hotel

If the inner most desire wants to blend into the delicacies, heritage, luxury, dance, music, arts and culture of Royal Marwar then Ranbanka Palace should be your dream destination. Inside this Palace, there are musical recitals, folk dancers and singers to look forward to giving you an exotic journey to just another era. Apart from which the luxurious stay at Ranbanka Palace is assured from beginning to end via its royal facilities and breathtaking interiors, rich culture and organic authentic food. If you have wished to live the life of monarchs, then you will not be disappointed by your stay at Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur.