Hidden Jewels – Holiday Destinations in South India

Hidden Jewels of South India

Every part of this country offers beauty! South India has on offer some of the most pristine locations that provide relaxation, adventure and scenic beauty.  Take your pick from breathtaking beaches to majestic waterfalls, green vistas to awe-inspiring man-made structures – South India offers it all.  Explore this amazing portion of our country with PreferTrip.com and plan your next exquisite holiday to one of these locations.

Niagara Falls in India!  We do not jest – the enthralling and gushing Athirapally Falls located in Kerala has been compared to the most impressive waterfalls in the world simply because of its beauty.  These Falls are part of the Chalakudy River and come thundering down from a height of 80 feet.  The Athirapally Fallsare located in Vazachal Forests that is a lush green canopy of the region.  As you stand in the area surrounding the Athirapally Falls sprays of cool water rejuvenate and thrill.  Mystically the crashing of these falls over the gorges provides sweet respite from the cacophony of the crazed city life.  This place is reminiscent of the picture postcards seen and recaptures the essence of nature’s untouched and unblemished beauty.  Sit around the area of the fall and savor the sounds of forest to feel rejuvenated and completely at peace.

Established in 1968 by MirraAlfassa also known as “The Mother”, Auroville, Pondicherry is a tranquil place whose spirit encompasses peace and unity.  Auroville, is an exemplary township and is a curious blend of French and Indian culture and air that one breathes is calm, placid and unifying.  The gold-plated Matrimandir and the Auroville Beach will take your breath away.  The uniqueness of Auroville comes from being a small place that encourages peacefulness in diversity and equality of men and women and promoting that human unity is foremost.  Scenically astounding, there is lush green vegetation that is a soothing balm for all the senses.  Even if aren’t a nature lover, the peace and calm of Auroville will change that and leave you wanting to stay on.

You love great expanses of the ocean and the shimmering silver sands of beaches and yet want peace and quiet, then visit Gokarna, in Karnataka.  The coconut palms do a happy dance in the cool ocean breeze which maybe has something to do with the fact that the Gokarna beach resembles ‘Om’.  The beach therefore is considered sacred with a belief that whoever visits these beaches with a sincere heart, will be rid of their sins.  Apart from these sacred religious sentiments, the Gokarna beach is unspoiled and remains pristine.  Enjoy swimming and even fishing in the waters for a thrilling time.  Lay back and soak in the soothing and resuscitating sunshine and feel your worries just melt away. 

Lakkidi View Point, in the district of Wayanad Kerala, is located at a height of 700meters above sea level.  Given its height, the aura of sunrise and sunset is incomparable and is the point from where there is an unobstructed view of the chuckling brooks, lush emerald vegetation and the stolid mountain peaks that surround.  The brilliance of the sun lights up the jaded mountains making it a view that no one is able to quite forget.  Given the dense vegetation and crystal waters, this is a great playground of the avian community that flits about delicately and sings their sweetest songs warming the cockles of the heart.  Get a jaw-dropping view of the Deep South valley and the meandering long snake like roads from this high point.  Surrounding Lakkidi are the Pookot Lake and the Chain Tree – both astounding gifts from mother-nature.  Visit this ‘Gateway of Wayanad’ for peace and to be embraced by the arms of nature.

 In the Idduki district of Kerala is Ayyappancoil that is a mystical place with unmatched pristine natural beauty.   The main attraction is a suspension bridge that connects with the Periyar River and is the ‘communication channel’ between Ayyanpancoil Grama Panchayat and the Kanchiyar Grama Panchayat. The walk on this suspension bridge is enough to provide an adrenaline rush while the green mountains and clear cerulean waters below serve to calm the senses.  Ayyapancoil remains untouched by the maddening crowds or frenzied tourism and makes for a perfect tranquil haven for a tired soul. The tribals of Manna in the region believe their stone god was submerged in the heavy flow of water but there is no confirmation of this which adds a touch of mysticism and mystery to this region.  A visit to the aromatic coffee plantations is uplifting and leaves one with a smile that does not easily leave!

Vacations are meant to relax and rejuvenate and the destinations suggested above will do just that.  Take time out for yourself and enjoy the pampering of Mother Nature adorned in her best attire.

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