The world whizzes by, as you are involved in the mad frenzy of your city life. Stressed out, even the idea of planning a vacation riles you. Delayed flights, disagreements and a myriad other arrangements make you want to give up the idea of the vacation. What if you could just ride off to a hill-station nearby and also relish, on your journey, the build-up of how enjoyable the vacation will be? Given in this exposition are 6 places to visit in uttarakhand that represent the virgin purity of nature free from the built-in tensions of taking a vacation. Check out the accommodation at these places on


Sightseeing in Sattal is merely incidental as every part of this scenic and neatly perched location is a ‘sight to see’. As you near this locale, the invigorating smell of the pine and oak trees and the wild flowers fill your senses. The aroma thickly laces the summery air. The sunlight is sprinkled on the hillsides and endows the waters of the 7 lakes with heavy doses of gold and silver. The day is resplendent and the night sky is permeated by mischievous twinkling of the watchful stars. See if you can catch sight of a falling star. Make a wish. Soak in the peace and retire for the night.

Closest city: Nainital at 23.5kms.


Another such gem huddled placidly in the emerald folds of the lower parts of the Kumaon hills, is the ‘fruit basket of Kumaon’, Ramgarh. Become a recluse for a few days and retreat in to an innermost thought and maybe even become a part time writer or poet. Ramgarh does that –inspires creativity and a strong yearning to capture the feelings in a string of words. The sun is partisan – delightfully warm during the day and a lingering placid presence at dusk. The orchards are aplenty and inviting – you can almost feel the juice filling every corner of your mouth without even biting in to a rotund peach or crimson apple. When you do bite in to them, you know the feeling was right.

Closest city: Nainital at 34.9kms.

Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is yet another weekend getaway where the ‘language’ of the local habitat displays the importance of natural preservation. It is a treat for the harried city dwellers who want more than just a taste of wilderness. It’s like camping without the rough edges! Enjoy the lush dense forest, the orchestra of wild sounds and bird chirps – everything is in abundance here.

Closest city: Haridwar at 25kms.


Get to the heart of simplicity and nature when you visit Pauri. It seems to have inherited and retained tranquility with no delusions of grandeur despite its striking natural bounties. Pauri strikes a chord – a sense of standing still and a carefree escape that is so rejuvenating and enticing. The tolling of the temple bells lends an extra dose of uplifting spirituality. Experience Pauri!

Closest city: Dehradun 159.2kms


Crisp clear and chilly – Narkanda is the kind of tourist place that has the power to unite peoples.  It’s not hard to understand the pleasure and beauty of nature here and thus creates a collective understanding of its magnificence. There is something grand and refined about Narkanda, without being affected. The locals and the weather seem to be one and agree with each other. Narkanda is a skiing delight in winter and a burst of pink cherry and apple blossoms in summer.

Closest city: Shimla 60.1 kms


If the idea of seemingly going back in time thrills you, then Auwa, is your ideal weekend getaway, especially for a longer weekend vacation. It’s a place that puts you in touch with the glory of yester years and bygone era of martyrs. It’s all about talking, connecting and rediscovering the simple pleasures.

Closest City: Jodhpur 106.8 kms